Sunday, July 24, 2011


Felt Images has been on a much too long hiatus... the problem is my story, Mamãe, has undergone a few changes and is going to be revised here and there. So, I will have to leave you in suspense for a little bit and in the meanwhile I'll post some other things that I am working on.

Today I'm going to post my first poem of a series of monthly poems. A calendar in the form of poems, let's say.


Black frames the windows,

The nape of your neck


The sun heats the floorboards,

The clock clicks stubbornly.

Clogged by a sunless cloud,

The spines of plants blacken

And twist,


Shadows entangle our legs.

A droplet of sweat

On the nape of your neck,

Balancing, fattening.

You turn,

Twisting, angrily

The droplet spreads,

Wet and sighing, you whisper

It’s summer.

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