Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Imaginary Table of Contents

Samples of Our Days

Introduction: From Nude in the Bathtub to Enclosed Interiors      1
Musk      16
Blood's Insides and sleep       18
Greasy, bare teacups       27
Porcelain mornings       30
Theories and discontents on knotty breath       36
Nudes       40
Water as drapery and/or x-rays       54
Compartmentalizing fingers, hair, and honey jars       63
Handfuls       75
Bare breath       79
Hmmmm       82
Slippery foot wind       83
Ripping, sewing, ripping       85
Things, people, and their giant teeth       91
Melting skins and adaptation       97
Boxing worlds and repugnant beat-toned faces       108
Clumpy foreheads       112
Analysis words thin, celery, and spine       115
Something at rest       124
Innocent tastes of pomegranates       126
The air's accounts       129
Pasting cartoons on daily objects       139
Bodies as nuts and/or grape clusters       144
Consequences of inhaling too little color       155
Boiling for tea and time       163
Shattering hot and/or cold things, both imaginary and real       167
Late night races       171
Conclusion: weight in grams of novelty, relaxation, sugars, and irritation      174

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